Monday, July 26, 2010

Cake for Jaxon!!

The other day my good friend Lisa asked me if I'd make a birthday cake for her (and Trevor's friend) Jaxon. It's going to be a "Avatar Airbender" cake. I am super excited to do something different!! I had to turn to my hubs Jason to help me with the 411 of Avatar, because I am clearly CLUELESS. I've come up with a pretty cool design.

The cake is for the party this Saturday, so I'll post progress pictures throughout the week. I'm going to be using some fun sugar work that can be made way in advance. I've already made and colored the fondant this morning. Trevor LOVES to sit at the table and use my left overs to roll out and play with (an occasionally eat!!!!) I am going to be using the above symbols of earth, fire, water and wind. FUN!!!

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