Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Groom's Cake

Over sized Hockey Puck cake. This was a chocolate cake with peanut butter butter cream. How can life get any better??

My Best Friend's Wedding

We've been planning this day forever it seems like!! I love my best friend and her new husband so much and was thrilled when they asked me to be her Matron of Honor AND to make their wedding cake. Amy chose silvers and pinks for her wedding and LOTS of sparkle. She also asked me to make a special surprise for her husband for the reception: a Hockey puck grooms cake with his favorite team from Florida. I had a lit of fun making this cake. I wanted it to be perfect. For the first time, I used a technique using chocolate ganache under the fondant instead of butter cream. Though it was a messy job, I really was happy with the final look as well as the way it tasted. I will never forget that day!! I have included a few fun pictures to show some of the many steps in getting the cake planned, prepped, baked and assembled. FUN!!
Me having fun planning the height of the cake a few days before baking. It was going to be a big one!!
Most of the cakes are shown here. Cooling and getting ready to be creamed lol.
Setting up at Pardinis. This is the heart attack time. I hardly breathe anytime I am delivering a cake. Lots of things can go wrong, but they rarely do ;) This one cake weighed a good 60 pounds!
The finished project!!

Harry Potter

Out of all of the years I have been creating cakes, this is the first time that I have ever been asked to do a Harry Potter themed cake. Our neighbor Blake was turning 9 and his mom asked me to make something small and fabulous for him as a surprise for him when he got home. I had fun with this one. I did a little research online and came up with something I thought was pretty cool. His mom said he jumped up and down and was thrilled when he saw it. That makes my job so amazing!!

Frosty the edible snowman

My mom asked me to make a small cake her for friends birthday. I kept seeing Baskin Robbins' commercials with these adorable little snowmen cakes..... so that's where I got my inspiration. Something wintery, but not Christmas-y. <3

All Tangled Up

Alicia (my personal trainer) contacted me for a last minute cake for her daughter's Tangled party. I just love this movie and this cake!! :)

WoNdeR WOmAn AND BatMAn!!

This is the third year in a row that my client Rebecca has contacted me to make her little girl and boy's birthday cakes. She always has such wonderful ideas and I am always so excited to create something for her family!!

Belly oh Belly

Adorable pink and animal print baby shower cake and cupcakes :)

Playing Catch Up!!

These past couple of months have flown by! I have quite a cakes that I need to post!!!