Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pokemon Madness!!

I love a challenge and these cake pops were just that!! It's never easy to try to replicate a character without making them look too corny, etc. I was completely thrilled with the outcome!! Super fun and a great party favor.

Girly x 100

FABULOUS!!!! I was given a hearts theme and a color scheme for this cake and was given the opportunity to come up with something fabulous. I had seen this technique but had never tried it. It's pretty simple, but is very different and elegant. Her mommy was thrilled and I loved the turnout!!

30th birthday for a dad!!

My client was having a surprise party for her cool husband who was turning 30. She asked me to make a "favorite things" cake. His favortie teams, cars etc adorned this yummy red velvet and cream cheese cake.


Simple, pretty, and makes a statement. :)

Catering Event

I was asked for the first time to cater a special event. Not only did I end up catering with lunch, I also decorated and baked for it. This little 2 year old had a wonderful day to say the least! She is well loved :) On the Menu: Cucumber tea sandwiches PBJ for the kiddos Chicken salad sandich on crossaint with pecans and grades Ham and Cheese Roasted Bell pepper and goat cheese on foccassia and of course lots of fruit and veggies :)

Girly Cheetah Bling Bling

The title says it all!!


A friend is working very hard to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I knew I'd be able to help a little so we decided to sell cake pop bouquets as a fund raiser during the Valentine's Day holiday. Last year, I raised about $260...... This year our total was over $770!!!!!! My clients, friends and family members are all amazing. We really showed cancer who's boss!!

Go Peyton!!

Our adorable neighbor Peyton was turning 3 and his mommy (and my friend) asked me to make a fun Mickey Mouse Baseball cake. This cake was a simple design that fit in perfectly on his special day!!

Pooh cake for a Princess

My lovely friend Lisa asked me to make a Classic Pooh bear cake for her sister's baby shower. Her is expecting a little princess after many health issues and her family could not be more thrilled for the arrival. This cake was driven all the way to the San Jose area. I was so excited to be a small part of her celebration!!

Spider Man Cartoon

This was a special cake because I tried something new with the letters. I printed the font that I wanted and cut each letter out. Then, with my very sharp knife cut out each letter in the edible fondant. I also had lots of fun with my airbrush on this cake. Shading and using different colors really makes this cake look like a comic book!

Tweety Bird

Of all the years I have been baking and creating custom cakes, this is the first request for a Tweety Cake!! This was a small cake for a mom ordering just for herself.....because she deserved it!! I surprised her with matching cake pops to enjoy and hide from her kids!!! ;)

Super Hero Up!!

Adorable three tier super hero cake for Shereen's little one turning 4. My boys enjoyed me designing and completing this cake :) They already have their custom cake tiers chosen for their party this spring :)