Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Eijah is 1!!

Elijah is a very special little boy.  Today this is what his mother posted on facebook:

This story is from Trista Lewis Young she is a friend of mine from church and everyone should read this because it shows Gods power at work: 1 year ago today the whole world weight 7lb 6oz and I was helpless. As they took my newborn away so quickly Jimmy asked "He's stable right?" "No, he's dying" and she handed us a picture of our blue baby just in case. The ambulance battery died but after 18 days at Children's of heart caths, blood transfusions, ventilators, chest tubes, open heart surgery to rearrange the heart, monitors, learning to eat, awesome and horrible nurses-I never cried to God so much and so hard and slept so little. He blessed us with the best family and friends to support us during that time, answered our cries, and kept Elijah in the palm of his hand. Now I have a baby boy who yells and crawls and throws. He talks and signs. He loves baths, his sister and the dog. He eats like a man and spends his days trying to play in the toilet. Thank you for the boy I never knew I wanted and here's to MANY more.

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