Monday, February 20, 2012

Mo Cake Please!

I had never heard of the author Mo Willems until this past week.  Molly, my sister's sister-in-law loves these children's books and chose this for the theme of her baby shower.  There weren't many ideas for cakes in this theme out there so it was up to me to come up with a design.  The books are very simple, and so is Molly, so I decided to keep the cake the same...... simple.  Molly loved it and I hope her guests did as well :)


  1. Hey Andrea! You did a fabulous job creating this cake! This would be a big hit on my daughter's 6th birthday. I was really curious on how you made the little toppers on the cake. Please respond ASAP and be free to email me! Thanks! :)

  2. Hello Yun! They are edible images that I transfered to gum paste, cut and let harden. Let me know if I can help anymore!

  3. You can order them from me as well. :)