Friday, September 30, 2011


Today I was working, working, working on a fabulous cake for my husband's co-worker Sonia.  I was putting on the finishing touches when I looked in my phone to make sure I have the correct spelling of her daughter's name.  I scroll up and it says "I would need this cake on the 8th".......

Yeah, tomorrows the 1st!  So, plan "B".  I was making a rather small cake for a client named April.  She was ordering it for her daughter's 5th birthday.  I sent her a message asking if she'd be interested in it at no additional cost.  She was extremely excited ;) So her little girl will wake up to a fabulous Hello Kitty and Keroppi cake in the morning on her 5th birthday.  I LOVE surprises and I love when things turn out even better that I thought they would :) 

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